Hi fellow,

I have a big question about helmet cam and live streaming into a local network.

I will start by talking about my initial setup:
I currently have man-portable radios which create a mesh between them and I can connect laptops on it to send data in my local network (the radio has 2 RJ-45 connections). With this kind of setup, I can be anywhere in range of my radios and still be connected on my local network. So, that means, the connectivity part from the remote location to the rest of the network is working.

Now, my issue or more what I try to accomplish and donít find the best way:
We try to install a helmet camera on an inspector to be able to live stream what he see to another team in our office. Our goal is to use the same radio system that we currently have to send the video over IP.
That said:
- We would like to have a helmet camera (with batteries) that connect with RJ-45 on our radio and streams the video;
- Given that our network already work with TS UDP multicast, we would like our camera to encode and send the feed in TS UDP to be able to see the multicast feed everywhere on the local network.

Right now, I didnít found any camera of this type and Iím slowly thinking of using a camera that connect via HD-SDI/Composite to a portable encoder which will connect to our radio with a RJ-45. But again, our primary idea will be the best deal because, our employee will have less equipment on him. When our inspector is on the ground, he only has a vest with the radio and his tools, he canít have really more equipment on him. We need to stay really small to fit in small environment.

Itís really a good challenge, but I start to have less idea! Please, help me with that if you have any other better idea.

Thank you very much,