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  1. Hi!

    I would like to convert a lot of AVI files that I get from my Dxtory into MP4. I want to do this because sony vegas plays avi files really slow for some reason. I know that using MyMP4 Box GUI i can first Demux the video and then join the 2 files into an mp4 but that is too much for work and I'll have to do that for about 100 files. Is there a program using which I can just select the avi folder and the output folder and can convert all the avi videos without re-encoding?

    I think converting avi into mp4 does re-encode the audio but I dont mind that. I only want the video to be in a really good quality.

    This is the video codec and stuff from VLC:
    Click image for larger version

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    Also, Im sorry if this question has already been asked but I tried to search the forum and did not find any results for my needs.

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  2. You can try tencoder (it's a gui for ffmpeg and mencoder)

    Add the folder, set video codec to "direct copy", audio codec to "direct stream copy", container to mp4

    Try it out on a few videos before processing them all, and test them in vegas

    Did the re-wrapped MP4 by mymp4boxgui play more smoothly in vegas? Because there can be a number of other reasons for poor playback. And there are some settings you can change while recording to improve performance
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  3. Yes. The mp4 by mymp4box played more smoothly in vegas. And just to be more clear when I say played smoothly, I mean the play window on the top right of sony vegas editor and not the final rendered video. But if you have some suggestions to improve the performance and save me some time by not having to re-encode bazillion files, I will be more than happy to hear them out.
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  4. yes, the preview in vegas. You can reduce the quality of the preview as well

    I'm not suggesting you re-encode the files now, just batch rewrap the files you have to mp4 (ie. direct stream copy - you're just swapping containers). But recording in the future you can use less compressed settings , like shorter keyframe intervals, --tune fastdecode . The files will be larger for a given quality level, but will decode faster in vegas (and other programs)

    Try tencoder if you want to use a GUI, or you can do a batch ffmpeg commandline
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  5. Oh yeah when I said re-encode I actually meant changing the container.

    I found out how to reduce the quality of the video, but I'm not sure about the keyframe and "--tune fastdecode" thing.
    Is this what you want me to change for the keyframe? What should I set it to if I'm planning to store about 15-20 hours of gameplay in a 2 TB HD
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  6. I don't use dxtory, but I think you push the button to the right of where it says "codec" to access the x264vfw advanced settings

    Depending on the version of x264vfw you have installed, there might be presets that you select from a dropdown menu, or you might have to enter it on the extra command line options box

    --tune fastdecode is the same as

    --no-cabac --no-deblock --no-weightb --weightp 0

    The smaller the "key frame rate", the less compressed the files will be, and seeking/scrubbing performance in vegas will improve
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