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  1. Not sure if anyone has run into this issue, only found one thread on the subject in the last 2 months of trying to find a fix but still at a loss on how to correct this problem. What I am dealing with is anytime I turn on hardware acceleration for video playback I get this graphic issue where random rainbow like colors will pop in and out every few minutes watching a video. With it off everything is fine but I have noticed that stability in frames and playback is better with DXVA on for BLURAYS. I am running an older laptop as my HTPC, not super outdated but DELL no longer is updating drivers for it, something that I can't figure out seeing its only a few years old. Today I found a workaround to get the latest intel hd graphics drivers installed, took some work but still DXVA is popping up with the same issues.

    My system is:
    DELL STUDIO 1749
    Intel Core i3 350m Arrendale
    8gb Ram
    First Gen Intel HD GRAPHICS

    Probably not the best suited for DXVA seeing its an intergrated chip but from what I read it should be possible yet it seems to me maybe to this day the drivers are still not correct for BLURAY playback. If anyone has run into this, could either educate me on what maybe the cause if I am over looking it or if there is a fix to enable DXVA not to cause this issue it would be a big help. No matter what player I use the issue shows up and always in the same parts of films, with it off its fine so I figure its a driver issue if not maybe something wrong with my chip itself. I am using MPC-HC with EVR CP enabled...can't use MADVR due to lack of GPU.

    Here is a pic of the random issue I keep experiencing
    Click image for larger version

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  2. Which hardware decoder are you using? DXVA or Quicksync? Can you select either and do they both have the same problem?
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  3. Are these re-encoded Blu-ray rips? If they were re-encoded they may have used settings that are not DXVA 1.0 compatible. DXVA does not support all h.264 features.
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  4. I'm pretty sure MPC-HC only supports DXVA2 these days. It shows DXVA in the status bar regardless of the hardware decoding method.
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