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    I have Windows 7-64 bits, 16GB RAM, Pioneer BDR0209DBK that I got from local Microcenter new for $59 (sale price, $50 off reg! ) and I thought I'd take advantage of playing on my computer's second screen while playing games.

    Aurora Blu-ray player (not listed in software section yet, available for both Windows and Macs) is available to try for free and it's much cheaper than other BD player I've seen. But I had a little issue and I haven't gotten response from their support yet.

    What I like so far: no waiting 5-8 minutes just to get the video started since it does not load a bunch of bloat like fancy animated menu or interactive scene. No long FBI warning screen either. Plus the lifetime license is the cheapest of all BD player I've seen so far, currently at $40

    The gripe that I need tech support: if I paused for more than a minute and then resumed, the video becomes garbled for several seconds like the video stream is out of sync or something. I didn't get this when I had PowerDVD or with a stand alone BD player I got from Walmart. I think it's because the player tries to start the video right away before the BD drive has a chance to spin up and get going after extended pause.

    Also it doesn't seem to access extra features like the making of video, director's commentary, etc. I think it is limited to playing only the main feature with switchable audio track and subtitle track. for Windows version, there is Mac version.
    (I don't work for them and I don't get anything for plugging the source link, I am posting only because the software section on this web site do not have Aurora player listed yet)
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    I rather not add software to the software section from anonymous companies. And especially when they never reply to support emails...

    So it doesn't support blu-ray menus? Then it's not a blu-ray player. Even if it might be useful for faster playback.
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