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  1. Im having problems connecting one of my harddrives to my LG BP125 blu ray player

    so what i have is:
    2TB Western Digital My passport, formatted to NTFS (via a small bit of software for Mac)
    1TB Western Digital My passport, formatted to NTFS (via a small bit of software for Mac)
    LG BP125 Blu ray player

    I have formatted both the hard drives exactly the same way, 1 full partition in NTFS, using the same software for both.

    my 2TB is picked up perfectly every time by the player and plays what ever file i want from it.

    my 1TB how ever doesn't... it occassionally picks up but rarely!
    i though maybe it wasnt getting enough power, but it feels like it spins up properly and it has connected a couple of times and ive managed to play a movie from it.

    Ive reformatted it, into 5 partitions,
    1 - NTFS
    2 - FAT32
    3 - EXFAT
    4 - NTFS Compressed
    5 - Mac Journeled

    put one empty folder in each partition with the name of the file system (so i could see which, if any were picked up by the BP125)
    but no other files or folder on it. plugged it in and the FAT32 and NTFS were both picked up.
    due to the size of my files and than im using a mac (and my 2TB works fine) im using the NTFS system.

    I thought maybe it didnt like the amount of files i had on my 1TB (although its the same as the 2TB) but that doesnt seem at make a difference.

    If anyone has any suggestionsm as to why my blu ray player doesnt like my 1TB hard drive that would be awesome

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    I am sure I know what your problem is, but based on your post, I'm not sure you're ready to listen. You seem to be pretty sure that it's not what I think the problem is, so it's up to you whether you want to listen or not.

    WD and others who sell external drives put them in unpowered enclosures. Larger drives like yours almost never can get enough power via DVD or BluRay player USB connectors for their drives. The fact that you THINK it is spinning up does NOT mean that it is, in fact, getting sufficient power. Those kind of unpowered enclosures usually work fine on PCs where the USB connectors usually do have sufficient power for the drive. They often have problems EXACTLY like your when connected to DVD and BD players. This raises an interesting question about why WD and others would willingly sell you drives like this without warning you that you may have this kind of problem, but that's what they do.

    Buy external drive enclosures for your disks that contains a power supply that you can plug into an outlet and the odds are huge that it will fix your problem. It will take an electrical expert to explain to you why the 1 TB rarely works and the 2 TB does consistently, but I am sure that this is your problem. In fact, this happens so much that I only have powered enclosures just so I don't have to worry about this issue.
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  3. To be honest i did originally think it was the power, but when the bigger WD worked 100% and the smaller didnt i started to question it.

    so i thought i'd ask to see if there was any common issue with the 1TB or something?

    when you say powered enclosure, so you just mean like a powered hub? plug the HDD into the hub then the hub into the player?

    or do you mean for me to dissassemble the HDD and put it into a different powered enclosure??

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    He already answered your question before you asked it.....
    Originally Posted by jman98 View Post
    Buy external drive enclosures for your disks that contains a power supply that you can plug into an outlet
    I use a Toshiba 750gb pocket portable USB HDD on my 2 LG Bluray players, but it is a different model than yours, and it has always worked fine, but trying to connect it to a Wii's USB I can get it to recognize it like once out of 20 times as the USB ports do not supply enough power to power it up all the time when I start the Wii.

    So for that I have a dedicated external HDD that has a wall wart so it is powered up all the way before I even turn on the Wii.

    Or just use the one that always works and the other one for whatever you want on your PC.
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  5. Wall wart? That's good.

    Anyway, I agree, the problem is almost certainly insufficient power.
    Pull! Bang! Darn!
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