I'm planning for live streaming a stage event. I want to connect Logitech C920 webcam to my computer. The webcam will be at-least 60 feet away from my PC. After my research many say that the video quality of webcam reduces after using USB extension cable. But it seems so many people are successfully using Logitech C920 for live streaming stage events. How are they doing it? Sit with a PC and webcam near the stage-Is this the only way? I ideally want to set up two webcams - one on the stage and the other in a different place. My PC should switch between the two webcams and stream online. I've two questions 1) How to remotely connect Logitech C920, say webcam is on the stage and my PC is some 60 feet away 2) How will I use more than one webcam and switch between the two. Please share your thoughts.