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  1. I have three machines, all AMD processors, and on two, an Opteron F6200 and and Athlon xp 3200 I have no problems at all. However, the third, my trusty old Duron 1800, which has done eight years service over-clocked at 2.4Ghz, is causing me grief.

    Given that whether I use Format Factory, Freemake (slow but good quality output), Any Video Converter or even Pazera, no MP4 file gets much further than three or four per cent through a conversion to AVI without hanging the whole system. On a cursory inspection I suspect the cause might well be that the poor little Duron only supports MMX and SSE, not SSE2 or SSE3. However, you guys might know better than novice me; I write x86 MASM mostly, but I'm clueless when it comes to video codecs!

    So my question is, what conversion software is available that will run on this processor? Time isn't a problem, but my other two machines are busy, the Opteron as a household file server (100k MP3's and over 500 full length video's), and the Athlon XP as my Visual Studio workstation. So if I'm to continue adding to our video collection the Duron will have to run all of my file conversions, as the prospect of increasing our hard drive storage is mind boggling at the present time.

    I suspect the cheapest solution would be a new machine, but eight years is a long time to be together, and it's never hung like this before, and it passes a variety of hardware benchmarks with flying colours. Any help would be appreciated; I just want a piece of old software that will convert DVD, MKV and MP4 to AVI format, and which gives me the ability to change bitrate and frame size.
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    Overheating problem? Maybe time to clean 8 years of dust.
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  3. I'll set Rik Mayall on you!

    Actually it's well maintained, remarkably clean, and if anything over cooled; even at peak processor load it runs at 51C. No, I'm sure it's the instruction set, and there's simply no information on software vendors sites as to what your processor needs to support.

    Somewhat perversely, I need older software.
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