I am working on encoding a mezzanine file for broadcast delivery. And I canít seem to find a software solution that meets all of my needs.

These are the specs I am trying to hit:
Rez: 1920 x 1080i
Frame rate: 29.97
Transport stream bitrate: 50mbps (or elementary stream at 45mbps)
Video format: MPEG2
File format: mpg or ts
Audio: 48khz AC-3 @192kbps Stereo
Closed Captioning: ATSC 608 and 708, scc files

Compressor canít output at a bitrate higher than 40. So thatís a no-go.

I am currently using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder to crunch the file to the above specs, but Adobe Encore will only embed the closed caption SCC file as a quicktime format. I canít seem to embed the closed captioning file into a MPEG2 format. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it simply a limitation of the software? Adobe also doesnít seem to have support for encoding the 708 CC standard.

Exporting a transport stream using Telestream Episode and then checking what is in the container using the program MediaInfo reports the captioning back as a text stream called RLE. When Iíve embedded the captioning successfully in a quicktime file, it shows up as the 608 format. Or is Text stream RLE correct?

Our post-house works within the Mac/Apple environment, so software (or even hardware at this point) that is Mac friendly would be appreciated. I am able to hit the specs without the captioning embedded or I am able to embed captions without hitting the specs.

Any suggestions about what I could be doing wrong? Or other workflows? Any other forums I should post this in?