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  1. way to Rigel 7 cornemuse's Avatar
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    Hi, I'm new here. I have been going through lots of threads here and cannot find much about Argosy players. (not even sure I'm posting this in the right place). I happen to have a few Argosy units & am totally sold on them.


    They seem to have dropped off the map, so to speak. Web site in (Los Angeles) USA has beem down for year(s). They have a site in Tiawan (& China), but have not replied to several e-mails from me.

    I want this SB333!:

    The earlier units, actually, the 1st was a Lasonic combo dvd/internal hdd player, it was ok for the time, but they improved. The last one I got is an HV359V, which for me is the best so far.

    The 1st ones only played dvd folders (video_ts) & viewed only jpeg images. The 359 plays lots of diff formats & records (at only 480 res) from composite input.

    I use it for watching movies 99% of the time.

    I have an older hv372 I use as a dedicated music player, its hooked to a stereo amp & to a small portable Haier (<- NEVER buy hAIER stuff!!NEVER) tv for finding music.

    Does anyone have knowledge or info or 'opinions' about Argosy?

    Thanks, -cornemuse-
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    If you want that I suppose you are in a DVB-T area. In North America, a similar device for the ATSC system I use is
    The beauty of this device is it records the HD reception as viewable/editable MPEG-2 PS on the attached USB drive, no fuss, no HDCP, no conversions.
    Maybe they have a DVB-T version?
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