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  1. Which are most common subtitle editing software. Subtitle editing means, how can i modify subtitle styling, not time codes. For subtitle styling, like using opaque box, using full black strip across the width of the video etc.

    How can i apply such effects to my subtitles and which software is capable of doing this. I am already using Ageisub for this. But i cannot find more than applying opaque box.

    Please post more software which are capable of applying any type of style to subtitles from simple white plain text to using black whole strip borders across the video. Below, i am posting a snapshot for the black strip border. I want the same effect in which, black border is there with fading at the extreme of the strip.

    Please suggest.
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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  2. Not all types of subtitles lend themselves to that kind of modification, so it depends what you're starting with. I'm personally fond of SubtitleEdit.

    More tools here:
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  3. @ smrpix. I tried Subtitle edit and it is quite good. But there is one confusion. When i play .ass file and video in subtitle edit, in the preview panel, i see subs below the video. I mean to say, subtitles are below video border. Actually i want similar type of output also. Like same as in preview panel of Subtitle edit.

    Now, how can i hard sub the subtitles and with same style.
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  4. You could use padding when hardcoding. An example of padding a 2.40:1 aspect to 16:9:
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  5. #Videobruger
    Could you please explain the process of Padding, how can i reach at same, as your above image.
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  6. Padding is adding pixels to top/bottom/sides of a video. I used MediaCoder but perhaps not the easiest to use unless you are familiar with it. Perhaps try XMedia Recode or Video to Video.
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  7. ooh that's a nice trick (padding). learned something new today.

    is it really necessary for the black bar to span the whole width? ulead mediastudio pro (very old NLE) can do this, but it can't take in subtitle files (i think).

    would you settle for something like this instead?
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  8. Have you tried Subtitle Workshop? I've been using it for a while, works for me perfectly
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