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  1. I've been searching for this and can't find anything anywhere...

    I edit vlogs for my youtube channel and I usually add some upbeat music in the background unfortunately on my last video or two my background music just cuts out halfway through the video. The added audio works fine during my project editing but when I publish the video is when it cuts out. I've used the music before and not had any troubles and it cuts out on different songs as well so its not the music file. I'm not sure why it does this and haven't found anything online.


    My youtube channel is my latest video the background audio cuts out at 1:83
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  2. What editing software are you using? Is the music track as long as the picture track? Is there a waveform from beginning to end? Could you have accidentally made an out mark on the source side? Do you mean windows movie maker?
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  3. I'm using windows movie editor 6.0. The original music file was 11 minutes long and the video clip was only 6.30 I had to clip the audio at the end since there was so much excess. I'm not sure about the out mark but the I split the clip much later in the video to adjust the volume
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    Windows movie editor 6.0 is a windows vista product

    I would think it was a poor editor considering the previous windows movie maker also had issues (thou I never experienced issues)

    You might want to try another editor like VSDC ... a little bit to learn but should have less problems

    It might help to post a mediainfo shot of the audio files being used ... editors included with the operating systems are less tolerant at what they support ... could be your audio is VBR and not CBR.
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