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  1. I am trying to convert/merge vob files to mp4. I can do this easily and successfully with most DVDs/VOBs using Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate. However .. with some vobs (like the ones I'm trying to convert today) Xilisoft, for some bizarre reason, reads the 40 min long video as being something like 26 hours in length, and going to create something outrageous like a 228GB mp4 file. I have started the conversion process to see if the software was just confused on the specifics but would, in fact, create the file properly .. but nope .. it says it will be working on the conversion for the next few days, and it is moving at that speed ... so I have cancelled it.

    Anyway .. this issue only happens with certain dvd/vob files. I'm not sure why. Anyone have any idea what is going on and how to fix it?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Do you have the complete video_ts/dvd folder? If so try select it in xilisoft.

    Or use free good converters like handbrake. Select to open a dvd and select the video_ts folder.

    Or it might be a ripping problem. You must then try rip with dvdfab,anydvd.
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    1. Dump Xilisoft
    2. Rip disc in question to hard drive with DVDFab HD Decrypter
    3. Convert to MP4 with Vidcoder or Handbrake

    Job done.
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  4. Sounds like a copy protection problem. If that's the case I'd try AnyDVD or DVDFab for ripping. I've seen the same thing when ripping some newer DVDs with RipIt4Me. It thinks there's something like 50GB worth of files on the disc. I think it's a copy protection Disney uses, although maybe not exclusively.
    Or maybe wait until Xilisoft Video Converter has been updated to deal with the copy protection.
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