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  1. Hi all. I'm trying to capture footage from my computer's desktop and older laptops to a DVD recorder. I came across this VGA to RCA/Composite/S-Video converter, but don't know if it will work with my Toshiba DVD recorder. Specifically, I'm worried if it will send a copy protection signal that will screw with the DVD recorder (I've already encountered that with an HDMI-to-Composite converter*). Downscaling isn't a major issue since I'll mostly be recording old video game footage which is typically 640x480 or below.

    I'm interested if anyone has any experience with this or similar devices and whether or not this is even a good idea.

    *The footage was basically unusable with a distortion/banding effect at the top of the screen. Piping it through a VHS player reduced the distortion but also shifted the picture to the right. My AverMedia DVD EZ Maker seemed to ignore the signal, but my computer isn't powerful enough to both capture and run a game. I may also boot into Linux and try recording some things and the USB capture device won't work under it.
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    There is no copy-protection from a VGA signal.

    I can not advise if it will work but I doubt whether you would get a good, clear picture due to the low definition of vga.
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  3. Well, the HDMI converter I mentioned produced a copy-protection signal regardless of the input (even with HDMI unplugged it generated the effect). I don't know if a VGA converter will do the same thing.
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