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    My issue stems with getting Potplayer to work without a black bottom bar as seen in my below photos. My second issue is I am trying to play in full screen mode on all 4 monitors but it only works on 3. I am also using SPV to enhance the frame rate.

    The only player that works so far with 4 screens is VLC, however, it does not work with SPV. In VLC media player I can spread a movie onto as many screens as I want without distortion, and what I do is play it in "Wallpaper mode" ( I can set it up so that it puts video on all 4 of my 30" screens. Right now on 4 screens it only puts it on 3 due to nvidia surround, but in VLC it will do all 4.

    4 30" 1600p monitors

    Love to get your input!

    EDIT: 3 problems I reset it up and I got POTPLAYER + SPV to work on your max settings but I have a black on the bottom with POTPLAYER, I can view everything by adjusting the video with pan but was wondering if I had set something up wrong:

    See the black bar on the bottom? With Pan/scan offset I can centerize it then make it full screen but images still of course take it with the black bar. I figure there is a setting I have wrong. Still wish I could get this on all 4 screens.

    2 When I utilize PotPlayer Playback only it for some reason does not work with SPV with your settings, have you ever encountered that?

    3 I am still not having any luck putting the image on all 4 screens. It seems to utilize the 3 screens in surround correctly but I cannot figure out how to set it up on the 4th. When it moves to the 4th it becomes blurred. This by far is the best player I have used with your settings I am just trying to get it to work on the 4th like VLC any ideas?

    Full screen effect: in VLC (notice it is on all 4 screens)

    This is how it looks with Potplayer or MPC when I move passed the 3 screens
    If you notice there is the black bar on the bottom (seems to only show up in Potplayer.exe not mini version) + the distortion on the right screen where I try to extend it

    Edit 2 I did some editing and checked to see if any change would happen if I activated all displays and not putting it into Surround. It seems that Media Player Classic and PotPlayer have difficulty processing the other screens unless windows sees them as (1) screen. For example on All Displays when you try to expand the player it blurs the video on the other screen. However, VLC did not have this issue. It's really annoying since the features of PotPlayer are AMAZING. I went back to surround and have the black bar on the bottom still but I have not found a solution to it not showing video on more than 1 monitor (in my case 2 since Nvidia sees 3 as 1)
    I also had posted on the SPV forums as well:
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  2. Try disabling DxVA decoding first. Generally, DxVA does not work well with multiple monitor setup. It can be the reason of the degradation of displaying quality and the lack of 4th monitor output.

    As for blackbars, it looks weird. Does it only show on bottom screen? Potplayer have some options to make a bottom black bar forcibly for subtitles. Before trying the following, it is recommended to backup your settings and initialize the player in preferences. If there is no change with resetting the player, you can try this. It will make a playing screen stretched while keeping aspect ratio: right click on potplayer -> Aspect Ratio -> Fit to window.

    Hope it helps you.

    ps. If you think it's a bug, mail to potplayer's dev: ahahlive at
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    Tried disabling

    The problem is that POT Player, and MPC Home view a movie / setup as 1 screen. It does not seem to work with multi monitors.

    I hate having to be stuck on VLC since I can't use SVP.

    There has to be a work around.

    I find it odd that VLC will do it no problem but no other will.
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