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  1. Hi, new here so bare with me.

    I have a problem. I'm using Lawmate dvrs (original PV 500 and PV800) with a covert camera for mystery shopping. The units save AVI files. When I view the saved video files on each of my units the playback is smooth and looks as it should, however when I view the footage from each of the units on my Mac the footage is jumpy/blocky and almost impossible to view. The 500 uses SD cards and the 800 plugs into my Mac via USB.

    I've tried converting the files to numerous other formats but still they are the same. Ive also tried viewing the clips on Vlc, Quicktime and others but still they look the same.

    Any ideas?

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  2. First, use Mediainfo to see what those files are really made of. Lawmate's website says .asf which is windows media. Let's find out what raster size, framerate, and codec these cameras actually use.
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