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  1. Hello folks,

    As I am trying to understand mkv more and more, one thing is baffling me, how one can browse the chapters in a mkv file.

    I have Roku2 XS, using which I can play mkv files, but I am not getting a clue how I can browse them, just like I do on a DVD.
    If I am watching that mkv on laptop using VLC, I see the chapter markers, but is there is any shortcut trick that you use to jump to the next chapter, like you do with DVD remote?

    I am sorry, if this sounds really basic/noob, but this is a honest question.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. VLC: Playback -> Next Chapter (or Shift+N), Previous Chapter (or Shift+P).

    I have no idea whether the Roku supports chapters in MKV.
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  3. MPC-HC Page Up and Page Down buttons move playback to mkv chapter,

    with hardware players it depends on device firmware if it is supported or not, it does not depend on mkv, the way how you create it. Programmers either include that feature on that unit or not. I have no Roku so I cannot tell either.
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  4. Thank you folks.
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  5. MPC-HC also has back/forward skip buttons on the navigation bar. By default I think they skip to the next/previous file in a folder, unless the currently playing file contains chapters. If it does, the skip buttons will jump between chapters. When you've run out of chapters, they skip to the next/previous file.
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