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  1. Hi, I am new here, I have some questions in respect of the followings :

    (1) I have remux MKV file to AVCHD folder (BDMV AND CERTIFICATE) (using Tsmuxer) and burned them on a blu-ray disc and when
    playing the disc on a BD player, the subtitles cannot display. What can I do to get the subtitles displayed? Is it possible?
    (2) I have some MKV Files (some movies) and want to remux them to a AVCHD Folder OR Bluray-Iso (with only 1 BDMV and 1
    Certificate), is it possible and the BD player can play them correctly?
    (3) Why some of the newer BD player cannot play the Bluray-ISO (file remuxed from MKV) which had been written to a Blu-Ray
    disc (using imgburn) but the older machine can but only the video
    aspect ratio is incorrect but the subtitles can display correctly!

    Thanks a lot for the reply.
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    I moved you to a separate thread. The other thread was about blu-ray to mkv and NOT mkv to blu-ray.

    Have you tried bdtoavchd or avchdcoder? they might be able to fix the subtitles.
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  3. I'd guess your MKVs have either text subs like *.srt or maybe image subs like *.sub (VobSub).

    Blu-Ray and AVCHD use image *.sup subtitles.

    Demux your sub(s) and use EasySup to convert to *sup. Add the *.sup file when you load the MKV in tsMuxer.

    I'm not certain if EasySup will accept *.sub as input, but it will accept text subs. See if that works. Good luck.
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  4. Hi,
    I've a mkv to blu-ray disc with subtitle issue. Backing up an original blu-ray movie with one subtitle stream, using DVDFab. Backup goal is a 1:1 copy of the main movie from the original disc. I end up with three files, one mkv, one idx and one sub.
    Using Subtitle Edit to create a srt subtitle, as tsMuxeR don't accepts *.sub files.
    The output iso file from TsMuxer is ~1,5 GB larger than the original mkv file. And I can't for the life of me figure out why.

    I would highly appreciate if someone could explain/help me with this issue.
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