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  1. I downloaded some Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons that are in the public domain to post up on my YouTube channel since the copyright expired. The problem is whoever encoded these did not remove the pulldown and encoded as progressive (presumly standard deinterlace?) so the result is 29.97p and pulldown is quite annoying as it is very obvious during animation.

    This is from 1950s so it's safe to say it is film standard NTSC 23.976 interlaced via the pulldown to 29.97 nothing special. My question is it possible to remove a pulldown on a progressive video? I know it can be done manually but not going to go thru frame by frame.

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  2. If the field structure hasn't been compromised you can use normal IVTC techniques. For example, TFM().TDecimate() in AviSynth. Or the IVTC filter in VirtualDub.

    Give a link to the Youtube video.

    By the way, it's not likely that any Casper films are out of copyright. Nothing made after 1929 is currently out of copyright unless deliberately made so. And Disney will see to it that nothing made after Mickey Mouse will ever come out of copyright.
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    actually there is some content that is in the public domain because it was improperly copyrighted, Casper is one of them as is The Andy Griffith Show, The Lone Ranger and a few others.

    all the stuff they sell is 100% legal.
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  4. Yeah some of the old films like Superman Animated, Popeye expired due to failor of renewing, a law that was changed in 1978. Anything made after 1978 won't expire, one of those times that can't happen anymore.

    FYI CBS sued over the Andy Griffith and actually won that case, I had posted them and they DMCA's my videos:

    You can buy the 3 Casper films from:

    I got it from a torrent not going to post that, but I have uploaded it to my Google Drive:

    They are MKV/h264 so VirtualDub won't load them for me.
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  5. Ok, I stand corrected on the copyright issue. I didn't realize the 1978 copyright act was retroactive for material that had already fallen out of copyright.

    I didn't see any combing artifacts in the three videos you posted. Just lots of blended frames.

    You can open MKV files in VirtualDub if you install the ffmpeg or mkv source plugins for VirtualDub. They're listed on the VirtualDub page here.
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