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  1. Hi, I have a CCTV recording system that is producing video files with a .RMS extension (and an associated .RMI file which I believe is the audio for the file).

    I am aware that RealPlayer uses .RM files and that there are are converters for .RM files, however, I cannot identify a player or a converter for .RMS files. I have renamed the extension from .RMS to .RM and tried to play in VLC, but it does not play.

    Can anyone advise me on how to convert .RMS files to a more playable (preferably mp4) format.

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    MediaInfo readout? Recording system Model#?

    A quick google search tells me that RMS is "RealMedia Secure". Meaning it is likely encrypted. The possibility of converting using standard means is very slim, as the recording system was probably built to PREVENT those kinds of things from happening (Security companies love things proprietary!).

    However, unless the stock player (maybe not RM player but the CCTV system's player software) is built with its own rendering subsystem, you should still be able to use FRAPS or similar screencap software to resave to a different format.

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