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  1. Hi,

    I've checked google and the forum using the search tool, but I'm unable to find a solution to my problem.

    I'm unable to smoothly time jump in my mkv files.
    My pc usage is less than 30% when I'm playing the file, I'm using Win 7 + VLC 2.1.3.

    When I try jumping (shift + arrow keys or Ctrl + arrow keys), or manually selecting a time spot to view, I can't view the exact time slot but a few seconds before or after the selected time.

    Any ideas?

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  2. I don't use VLC but as nobody else has replied......

    I'd guess it's a keyframe thing..... it's probably jumping to the nearest keyframe as it can display the video faster. Keyframes are frames which don't reference any other frames, so no other frames need also be decoded in order to display them. They can be up to around 10 seconds apart. If you jump to a non-keyframe, frames around that one also need to be decoded to display the requested frame, which makes seeking slower. I had a quick look, but VLC's options aren't easy to navigate when you're not used to it and I couldn't see one to tell it not to seek on keyframes. Assuming that's the problem.

    Try MPC-HC. The left and right arrows jump back and forward a bit (you can change the hotkeys under View/Options/Keys), while shift+left/right arrows jumps between keyframes. However..... for it to work that way I'm pretty sure you need to go into MPC-HC's settings and under View/Options/Tweaks, uncheck "Fast Seek". If you leave it checked I'm pretty sure the back/forward arrows jump between keyframes whether you use the shift key with them or not. As would moving to a different place in the video via the navigation bar (it starts on the nearest keyframe unless "fast seek" is unchecked).
    Ctrl+G lets you specify an exact time or frame to navigate to. It's independent of the "fast seek" setting (I'm pretty sure) and should take you to the exact time/frame specified. Sorry I can't help with VLC..... maybe if it's got a "fast seek" or "keyframe" setting you might know where to find it.
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  3. Thanks Hello... I'll try out the software (MPC-HC) that you suggested, but I am hoping to get vlc working.
    Been using that for the past 10 odd years, so comfortable with it!!

    In case I can't get any help, I'll try out the MPC-HC over the weekend
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  4. Turn off the "fast seek" setting. That seeks to the nearest key frame rather than the exact position specified. With long GOP codecs it can take a few seconds to locate and decode a particular frame in the middle of the GOP.
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  5. Fast seek under inpute.codec is currently off

    Timeshift granularity is -1, in case that's relevant....
    Does Clock reference average counter/sync or clock jitter affect my problem?

    Interestingly (or stupidly..), I can't see MKV codec in the list.
    I only see Dirac/FFmpeg/Fake/Memory Vid.../Theora/x264.
    Do I need to specially install the mkv codec (if yes.... how was it working so far??)
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  6. MKV is not a codec, it's a container -- a logical box that holds audio, video, etc. data.

    VLC cannot use external codecs or file reader/splitters.
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  7. I can't work it out. It seems just to be VLC not behaving itself, but I don't know why. It's not the "fast seek" setting as I thought it would be. I found it and it was already disabled. I tried VLC with a 720p video and navigation worked as it should (I think). For 1080p video, it does seem to loose it's way.....

    I have a 1080p video open in VLC at the moment. I told it to go to 9 min, 04 seconds. That time appeared in the navigation bar as it was seeking then it jumped back to 8 min, 59 seconds. I told it to go to 9 min, 04 seconds again, but it stayed at 8 min, 59 seconds. I've no idea why. It seems it's not a keyframe issue though. I navigated to 9 min, 04 seconds in the same video with MPC-HC and then used Shift plus the back/forward arrows to jump between keyframes. There's one at 8 min, 56 seconds and one at 9 minutes, 6 seconds, but not one where VLC is stopping. Assuming MPC-HC isn't lying to me.

    Originally Posted by Nmid View Post
    Fast seek under inpute.codec is currently off

    Timeshift granularity is -1, in case that's relevant....
    Does Clock reference average counter/sync or clock jitter affect my problem?
    I very much doubt it would.
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