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    I would like to rip all of the episodes of a TV show to my hard drive, rearrange the order, and burn them back onto DVD-R.

    I am definitely not interested in trying to cram as many episodes as possible onto a DVD, so hopefully I will not have to re-encode.

    I do not need menus to the various scenes within an episode, just a menu pointing to the different episodes.

    What tools do I use, in what order?

    My operating system is Windows 7.
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    You could use dvd shrink in the reauthoring mode to just rearrange all tracks. But it wont give you any menu.

    Another option would be try dvd styler and import all ripped vobs(rip with dvdfab,anydvd,etc) and create a new dvd with a basic menu. It shouldn't reconvert dvd compliant streams.
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    IAm, Baldrick's method is what I use. There's another important tool that you already have, too.

    I use something like DVDFabDecrypter to copy my TV-boxset DVDs to my hard drive (let's say I have 5 disks, each with 6 episodes).

    Then, I use Windows Media PLAYER and play each file-set on my hard-drive. I right-click during the Play session and "SHOW LIST", which Windows Media Player then displays which Title is playing Which Episode. Episode 1 might be Title 12. Episode 2 might be Title 4. So on, so forth.

    Once I've determined which Title matches which Episode, then I start up Baldrick's DVD SHRINK and, instead of Open-File or Open-Disk, I immediately click on REAUTHOR. Then I 'browse' out to each of my DVD File-Sets and 'open' them, one by one, snagging the Titles I want in whatever sequence I want.
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