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  1. 10 February 2014

    We have introduced support for 10 bit HEVC profile last week in GPAC, using the great openHEVC decoder. Doing so, we also introduced support for 10 bit display. The support requires a graphics card capable of driving a 10 bit display; this support is usually enabled via the control center of your GPU. Do not worry, 10-bit video will still show in 8 bit if your graphics card doesn’t handle 10 bit output !

    This has only been successfully tested on windows, using the “DirectX Video Output” module of GPAC. It has been tested on a ATI FirePro W5000 GPU but should work the same on other ATI models or NVidia ones.

    Support for 10 bit is also enabled on X11 (same config) but doesn’t seem to work with the FirePro W5000.


    GPAC Nightly Builds

    You may find here some recent GPAC installers for various platforms. These installers are distributed for educational purposes only, and may not be redistributed (SVN changelog is availble here).
    Available Platforms

    Windows 32 bits
    Windows 64 bits
    Mac OS X 32 bits
    Mac OS X 64 bits
    Linux x86 32 bits
    Linux x86 64 bits

    Link to video Test - 168mb - Sample in Hevc/H265-10Bits

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