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  1. Hello folks,

    I wonder if there is any possibility to edit names of the chapter in mkv files.

    I plan to use Handbrake, but as I import the DVD, it only says Chapter 1, 2,... I have not seen the DVD yet and its a course DVD with loads of chapters, going through that DVD will take me at least a month. Thought I could just make mkv file and edit the chapter names later for future reference.

    Is that possible?

    (I read some old threads and it has been suggested that one can do it with MKVToolnix by importing mkv and xml file, but would like to confirm.)

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Chapters editing in MKVToolnix is only possible when you add them, and not when they are already muxed in an mkv file - then they are not visible in Chapter Editor tab. You would need to extract chapters with MKVcleaver or MKVExtractGUI and insert them again using MKVToolnix.

    If you want to use chapters from a DVD, you can extract them with ChapterGen and save as OGG Text File. Then add chapter names in i.e. Notepad or in MKVToolnix.
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  3. you can do it just using mkvextract.exe and mkvpropedit.exe that are part of mkvtoolnix, no remuxing of mkv is needed
    mkvextract.exe  chapters your-movie.mkv > extracted.xml
    edit that xml in notepad, save it and then
    mkvpropedit.exe your-movie.mkv --chapters extracted.xml
    or you do it automatically just drag and drop your file into enclosed BAT file, edit it, save it, done
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  4. Thank you guys. I am just not expert enough in this business. My brain is 'trained' for AutoGK now.

    The code that you mentioned, is it command line? or the exe that you attached are GUI?

    With your method, if I understand correctly, I should not add chapters while muxing and then add them in using MKVToolnix, right?
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  5. codes are command lines, if you know how to use it,

    attached zip file contains all you need to do this, and it executes those command lines automatically , it works just by dropping your mkv on BAT icon in Windows Explorer, notepad pops up, you edit your chapter names, save file, close it and your MKV has new renamed chapters
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    Yes you can edit chapter names in an mkv file, even if they are already muxed in. Use mkvmergegui.

    From the menu, select Chapter Editor, then Load. Select your mkv file. Select the chapter you want to rename, type the new name into the "name" field. When finished renaming all your chapters, select Chaper Editor from the menu, then Save to Matroska File, and select the mkv file you want to save it to.
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  7. Originally Posted by ronmaz View Post
    Yes you can edit chapter names in an mkv file, even if they are already muxed in. Use mkvmergegui.
    Ha, I didn't know that it can be done such way Thanks!

    I bit nonsense that mkvmergegui doesn't show and allow edit chapters when an mkv is added in Input
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