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  1. I shot some photos and video on my phone that I'm wanting to make into a movie, but it seems the video I took with my Windows phone is not compatible with Windows Live Movie Maker? Doesn't seem to make much sense to me, but when I try and play the video in the preview pane it's just blank, therefor I can't make any edits. I presume I need to convert the files? Has anybody else run across this before?
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    WMM isn't much of a program and WMP isn't much of a player. Try VLC for playback. If that doesn't work, then MediaInfo to see what format the videos really are.

    For editing, it depends on what format the videos are.
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  3. WMM may not be much, but it's what I've got. VLC plays the videos fine. The Nokia 521 takes 720P MP4 video @ 29FPS.

    The audio stream is AAC, but from what I've read, WMM should be compatible with this file type.

    Ah, I fixed it. I was running Essentials 2011 and upgraded to 2012 and the videos are working now. I guess all the information I found was about 2012. Thanks for the help.
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