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    In case anyone is interested, the latest version of AviUtl v1.50 English translated by MaverickTse now supports both import and export of x265 HEVC in both 8 bit and Hi-10 bit flavors. The same goes for x264. You can export as mp4, mkv or x265 stream.

    I tried an export of 720p and got 3.5 fps on my Q9300. I didn't mess with the default settings other than set CRF @ 23. The same clip encoded to x264 yields 18 fps on the same system.
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  2. I didn't even know it can IMPORT HEVC video...(not expecting anyone wanting to edit HEVC stuff at this moment)
    Thanks for the info!

    The x264 8/10bpp and x265-8bpp are fine with acceptable encoding speed, but the x265-10bit one sucks.... no more than 8fps on my Core-i7 2600k overclocked to 4GHz when encoding a mere 640x360 short clip (and the quality sucks too).

    For performance gain, user can use the x64-builds of x264 and x265 (the bundled binaries are x86, except x265-10bpp). BUT do not use the VLC builds, as those binaries do not support "stdin".

    The GUI can use x265 v0.7+170 or newer
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