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  1. Can someone please clarify for me the state of video streaming on iOS, Android, and Desktop? By this i mean, i want to live stream my video encoding with h.264+AAC but i want to be able to stream it to those 3 platforms.

    My understanding:

    * iOS only supports HLS. Adobe Air supports HLS fine? but HDS is crippled.
    * Android has HLS but it is too buggy to use. Adobe Air supports HDS fine but does it support HLS fine bypassing Androids SDK?
    * Desktop supports HLS, HDS, RTMP, or DASH fine.
    * RTMP is not supported by iOS and RTMP has scalability issues if too many users connect at once for a live stream since it is a persistent connection.

    I figure Flash/Adobe Air HLS would be the best solution to support all. Or is it best to rely on a media server's transmuxing for each platform (HLS for iOS and HDS for all others)?

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