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  1. Couple of questions here guys

    1) How do I run a game or video and have it display on both monitors? Im looking for an option to display the same image and extend the picture on both as well.

    2) Say I am in game on the 1st monitor, if I jump to the second monitor to do something, it kicks me out, how do I get around this?

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  2. If you want the same image it's called a clone otherwise extended display.If you have a Nvidia gfx you can set that in the control panel
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  3. My display is already extended... what I am saying is when I am in a fullscreen game on one screen and try to use the other screen for surfing, the first screen jumps out of the game to the desktop.
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  4. What if both screens are used for surfing (just for testing purposes) If that works then GPU possibly can't handle game and surfing at same time maybe?
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  5. That's because of the mice i guess, when you move it when surfing it's not assigned anymore.
    What you could do is run a virtualized OS ( xp, 7 etc..) and use 2 mices.1st mice for your main os, the second for your vt'd OS.
    You'd need VmWare Player or similar to virtualize an OS and also an option called IOMMU i think to have maximum perfomances for your gfx on the vt'd os so chek your motherboard.

    Otherwise a gamepad (= no mice)
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  6. I'm sure its just a setting? My vid card is old but half decent. Its the 8800 gt. Playing game and surfing should be pretty basic...

    Using 2 mices sound silly.
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  7. I think it's a limitation of full screen mode on Windows. When you change focus from the full screen game to another program the game (or Windows) thinks it needs to minimize the game to let you see the other program (ie, as if both are running on the same display). If you play the game in a maximized window there's no problem switching between the game and another app.
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