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  1. I got two annoying issues with MPC...

    1# I use favorites a lot. Sometimes when I go to access a file using my favorite it will say 'file not found'. Why does it do this and how do I fix this? These files have had the same name, same drive letter and path for months and years (or longer). They work fine when I access them directly, yet sometimes MPC seems unable to find them for some unknown reason. A lot of the time when I run into this I see [RD] before the time stamp?

    2# When I drag and drop these MPC from one window to another it will auto resize to its native resolution. Very annoying when you dragging multiple instances to another display. This only started happening when I uploaded to a more recent version of MPC HC (which I need to play certain files).
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  2. bump?

    Issue 2 is particular annoying, because it appears to be a 'feature' but its nothing but an annoyances.
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  3. I think the auto-resize thing is a behaviour of the LAV video decoder (which MPC-HC uses internally for decoding now), not MPC-HC itself.

    I know the exact behaviour you're referring to but when I tried dragging a video from my PC monitor to the TV it didn't resize. I tried a bunch of them with the same result till I found one which did. It would appear if the video uses square pixels it doesn't get automatically resized. If it's anamorphic (resolution and aspect ratio not exactly the same) it does.

    I couldn't see an option to tell it "don't do that" but when I disabled the internal h264 transform filter and used ffdshow for decoding instead, resizing when switching displays stopped happening, so I guess it must be something the LAV decoder decides to do.

    I can't help with the Favorites problem. I never use them myself. I did create a bunch of shortcuts to various video files and stuck them on the desktop and they all worked correctly. The favorites are just shortcuts in a special filder as far as I know. Maybe right click on one a select properties to see if it looks normal, or if you have a problem with one create a new shortcut and replace the old one to see what happens.

    Edit: It seems disabling Auto Zoom under "Playback" in options will stop the resizing when switching monitors. Maybe try using one of the auto fit options or setting the auto zoom to something less than 100%.
    It does seem kind of odd it only happens when the video is anamorphic as it means the behaviour isn't consistent, assuming I'm correct about the anamorphic thing.
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  4. Tnx for the reply hello_hello.

    I formated a month back, since then I have no had the resize issue. But I will take a look at your suggestion if this 'feature' comes back.

    As for the favorites, its an odd one. This problem keeps happening. I even had it happen when I set to favorites on two different spots on a single file, yet of the favorites still works, the other one has the [RD] bug.... Weird. I can always manually re-create the favorite that break to fix theme (at least until [RD] comes back) but its a hassle, and favorites are supposed to make things easier.
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