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    Until recently have had success in using rtmpdump on They have changed the format some. Now you must pass the app in the rtmpdump line. I came up with following but I still get server error disconnect. Can somebody look and this and maybe advise. Thanks

    rtmpdump -v -r "RTMP://" -a "edge/_definst_/?xs=_we_cmp4bzhoejE3cTl3YWlxfDEzOTI4MTYwOTh8NWY2Yj k4MWFhN2ExM2JkNjM0OWIwMjY1N2FiNWQ2OTI4ZDUwNzJlYQ" -s "" -p "" -y "rjxo8hz17q9waiq" --token "abc109h34" --live
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  2. Retrieved from the embeded plain html in the response to the GET command which generates unique ids for the stream creation process after the playback request thrown by the flash player:

    rtmpdump -v -r "rtmp:// IzMy45LjEwNnw1MzE4MDY0MTBiNjZkfDk1ZDVjNTNkMWI3NGNl YjYyYmEwZmEwZDY5YTM3ZDliNjhlMjUxODE./oj20abbw6epowt7" -p "" -W "" -T "motngaynew1" -o-

    POST-EDIT: Even with the prior parameters, streams will be playable only if the whole handshaking process is retrieved from simulating the whole stream creation process in the command console, not by a simple copy/paste action.
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