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  1. I'm totally lost here.
    I've encoded several video's before without issue and recently any video I encode (typically using XviD MPEG4 codec, 1920X1080rez at 29frames for video and Mpeg Layer 3 audio codec, 44100 freq, 192kbps bitrate) runs great for about the first 90% of it but the last 10% has no audio at all.

    Thoughts on why the audio would cut?

    I've tested with several different video's and with different codec's (video to divix and audio to ac3) same result.
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    Have you installed any other video related stuff? Like a codec pack?

    But I have only read bad comments about I would try find something better.
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  3. none that i recall. Audacity was the last one i can think of and pretty sure i've made successful video's since then but can back that out and try again.

    Are there other free editors you suggest?
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    Take a snap shot of the original file which was loaded in VSDC using mediainfo and post.

    VSDC does have some serious issues with audio slice and cut's.

    Confirm settings for input video match those of output settings in VSDC ... any change will cause problems.

    Check FPS, confirm audio is cbr (never vbr), confirm streams time code length match ... mediainfo will show this info.
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  5. Afternoon Bjs.
    You are on the right track.

    I was able to get hold of the VSDC support guys via email and they pointed out that my project (and input file(s)) were set to 48 Hz where my output file was 44 Hz resulting in resampling for the audio stream. There was a bug around that which was causing the audio to get dropped at the end.

    Two solutions (both tested and confirmed in my env. )

    Solution 1:
    Set the Hz for your project to the same as your input and exported version.

    Solution 2:
    pre-released version VSDC 2.0 contains a fix for the resampling. (with added audio effects):
    Can be downloaded from

    Thanks to everyone for their time and input.
    Have a great day.
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