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  1. I have been playing around with Virtualdub a bit and it seems that some capturing just won't be synced, and there also seems to be settings i don't quite understand.

    So i thought, well i can try to start a discussion about it to see what other do and what they use.

    Here are my settings that works and will be synced, However i don't like it as i am against dynamically resampling the audio, i prefer a linear resampling afterwards rather than a curve going up and down:

    There is another way i prefer to use, though it's a bit more time consuming.

    You record without any Resync and only Insert/Drop frame, you also save the Timelog you can get from VirtualDub, then you use that to see what the Audio Samplerate should be, and then you can manually resample it (Compared to Dynamically, you will only need to tweak it by a certain %, not up and down while the video goes, which should result in better quality).
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    Does the audio go into the same device as the video?
    Some capture scenarios disabling resync works better.

    I've had much better luck capturing with something like iuVCR,
    don't have to worry about all that manual tweaking.
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  3. It doesn't go through the same.

    I know that if it does, you need to Resync as the Video and Audio Clock will be difference, hence the need to sync Video to Audio or Audio to Video, Usually it's easier to sync Audio to the Video as Audio is much more flexible to work with.
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