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  1. I have a dvd with four titles, three of which I want to get rid of. I tried processing it with VobBlanker and succeeded in blanking the three unwanted titles. However, the dvd menu remains unchanged and still indicates four titles. Is there a way to get the three titles that have been deleted out of the menu? Thanks.
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    Why not extract the title that you want, then reauthor to DVD-video with a new menu containing only that one title? Or is there some reason for keeping the original menu?

    If making a new menu is ok, extract the title you want in DVDShrink using the "Re-Author mode", or use MakeMKV to choose the title. MakeMKV will output as an mkv, but will not re-encode or compress anything. Then import the video into AVStoDVD and make your new DVD-video, with no loss of quality (since it won't re-encode video and audio that is already compliant to DVD-Video specs) and make your new menu.

    If you'd prefer to keep the original menu, wait for more ideas...probably involving PGCEdit.
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  3. Why don't you re-author the one title without a menu?
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  4. Originally Posted by Kerry56 View Post
    If you'd prefer to keep the original menu, wait for more ideas...probably involving PGCEdit.
    Indeed, you can disable the 3 buttons leading to the removed titles with PgcEdit. But take in mind that you will still see them. It will just be impossible to select, highlight and activate them. (If the menu is a still frame, you can also export the menu background to a BMP, edit it with any paint program to remove the useless buttons, and re-import the edited image with VobBlanker. But it's much more difficult to do if the menu is animated.)

    It is also possible to leave the menu untouched, and just replace the original Titles with a still frame with a message "This video has been removed".

    And, of course, re-doing a new menu or removing completely the menu, as suggested above, are good solutions too.
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