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  1. Hello Friends.

    I am doing Hard sub for a video. Using Ageisub for subtitling and Format Factory for Hard subbing the subtitles. Hard sub works great if i hard sub any English language subtitles. Yesterday, i was hard subbing for Hindi subtitles and using Devanagari Fonts such as Mangal, Ustaah etc.

    But after hard sub in Format factory, i got that all Hindi letters were distorted. I doubt if anyone in this Group knows Hindi language. But still i am posting my issue.

    Hindi letters fine. There is no issue like Boxes or question marks etc. But all letters were distorted.

    But, when i used the subtitle file as soft sub, and used VLC media player, everything worked great, no distortion of letters. This gives an indication, that problem is with Hard sub software or encoding. I do not know much about encoding. So please advice, how could i hard sub the same, with no issues.

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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    I would try another converter for hard subbing. Maybe xvid4psp 5 or avidemux.
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  3. Hello Baldrick.

    How can i use to add .ass file to video, by using xvid4psp? Please assist.
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  4. Originally Posted by varun_kapoor View Post
    How can i use to add .ass file to video, by using xvid4psp?
    Have you tried going Subtitles->Add?
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  5. My issue resolved. Thanks to Baldrick, advising for using XviD4PSP.
    I want complete tutorial file of this software. Either text or video tutorials.

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