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  1. I do a lot of video editing with Premiere, and I was piecing my FRAPS footage with vDub to remove the extra video I didn't need.

    it took me long to notice, but I realized that when I output the clips with vdubs, even at Direct Stream copy, the videos become harder to read, very slow. They never increased size but they become barely readable from a player. Then I realized that doing that also makes rendering movies way much slower than the original FRAPS footage.

    I have to export the footage into an another avi lossless format to make the render time much more bearable.

    Is there a way to make my method of cutting FRAPS with vDUB and have a better rendering/playback time without losing quality?
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    There must be something wrong elsewhere on your setup / system.

    VirtualDub should not be the actual source of your problem.

    Maybe your HDDs need to be defragged,

    maybe they have some bad sectors,

    surely you need to give us more detailed info.
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  3. I use SSD...

    I'm pretty sure it not my system.
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