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  1. Okay so, i have a crappy phone which is Samsung Champ Duos which only play H.263 MP4 files and not H.264. So i wanted to get a movie into my phone and converted it and all ( Video bitrate: 500Kbits/s 24fps and audio is 192Kbits/s) it works great when i play it on VLC and WMP ( the sync is okay) But when i get it on my phone it becomes a little laggy and the audio comes before the scene also it sometimes skips some scenes. What's the problem? and what can i do to get it working also i tried 15 fps if you are wondering.
    Thanks sorry for my bad english
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  2. Don't know what you converted with but you could try this: Freemake Video Converter

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  3. post mediainfo, may be it is VFR.
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