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    I would like to rip and convert an exercise DVD my wife has to our Windows PC. We no longer have a DVD player hooked up to the TV and instead wirelessly transfer video files from the PC to our TiVo.

    I tried to use Handbrake, but it can only convert one title at a time. This is fine for ripping a main movie from a DVD, but this is an exercise video broken into 52 titles. Is there a relatively easy method of ripping all of these separate sections together in one video?
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  2. It depends on how successfully you can edit PGC/IFO files, simple solution would be RiP and Re-author.
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  3. try this mpg to mp4
    you can join VOB's, and then convert it into mp4 if you want, so try it if it works for you, read info first
    VOB's have to have same specs, and PCM audio within VOB's seem not to work

    this is for home videos or some videographers but most likely your videos are tutorials, so it is the same
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