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  1. Hi guys- my school records our lectures and displays them online for us. I'd really like to be able to save these files for studying- but so far, I've had no real luck in doing so. Nothing displayed is especially high quality (powerpoint slides and the professor lecturing) so quality doesnt have to be very good (Currently, I just prop my ipad in front of my laptop and record that way!).

    The streaming system is "echo 360" and the videos are in flash - My biggest problem is our laptops have been configured by the school, and lots of features have been disabled (haven't been able to install any of the screen capture software I've used in the past). I'm open to any suggestions. I was initially looking to just get a DVD recorder and record line in- but was hesitant to buy a recorder after not being able to find any with built in tuner. If any one has any suggestions or recommendations, I'd be very grateful.


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    Can't you watch the lectures on other computers?
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  3. Guess I should have specified - I only have my school issued laptop with me out here.
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  4. You may not be able to install programs, but have you tried running portable applications?
    Portable Firefox has a lot of plugins you can install and configure to capture video streams.
    Try that. DownloadHelper is one I would try first.

    If exe execution is blocked you're probably snookered until you can get access from another computer.
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  5. I was afraid that might be the case... all exe is blocked. Thanks for the suggestions though!
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  6. It's unlikely you have access to the DOS Command Prompt?
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