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  1. hi
    i have a tv serie with serbian subtitle as hard subbed on it . i want to translate it to english . yes i know with subrip i can rip subtitle then translate it but as video is long ( 200 hours ) i wonder if there is a program that can translate that subtitle without ripping it ?
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    Sounds like you asking if you can run the video through a program that will provide you with the English translation.If that your question the answer would be no. There was at one time a filter for virtualdub that could possibly get you half-way there, it was called sublog Extractor. it could extract hard coded subs from a video stream. You could then run the text through an online translator.
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  3. thanks for your reply . i worked with that filter but no use . i think avisubdetector is best program for sub extracting . but extracing subtitles of 200 hours is really hard work . i wish someday an automatic subtranslator comes
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  4. Did you try downloading from various subtitle sites? Perhaps someone already did the work for an English translation ?
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  5. do you think any website has a translation of 269 episodes of a russian serie ? no
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  6. well i thought of russia speech recognize but dont think that work
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