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  1. Hi. I want to convert many DVD folders (VIDEO_TS) on my HDD to any acceptable format. Well, I guess best way is to use orginal codec without recoding, I mean MPEG. So, all I need is just change the container. I've read that "MPEG Streamclip" software would be usefull for this.

    But when I tried to save MPG file, I saw that MPG file size less than original VOB. Well, may be DVD container info so excessive. But it has another resolution! For example, I have DVD with 352x480 vidoe, convert it to MPG and it has 384x480 resolution.

    Any guesses?

    P.S. Sorry for my english ))
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    Did you use file->convert to mpeg? It should not reconvert.

    How do you identify the resolution? Try use mediainfo on the mpg.

    Or use vob2mpg to make a single mpg from a dvd/video_ts folder.
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