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  1. I'm having an issue where some files that are on my computer are not showing up in the menu on my xbox when I'm using that to stream to my TV. I use the "System Video Player" to access my laptop.

    They also show up in my Windows Media Player library as "other" files rather than showing up with the other files from the same group/folder.

    I'm not sure if it's only mp4 files or if it's also avi files, but if I use File Format and convert them to avi or just run it through and keep it as an mp4 they then show up. But some mp4s show up without converting. I don't like converting since it makes them out of sync.

    Does anyone know what causes this to happen?
    Is there some metadata I can just edit rather than going through the conversion for these?

    Oh, I have a similar issue with some mkv files where they all show up as "avi demux" or something rather than the file name.

    So it seems to me there must be metadata that's giving the file name info and not the actual file name itself.

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  2. Do all of the files that don't show up play anyway? If they don't show and don't play it means you're missing the proper CODEC to handle them, hence MPC doesn't know how to deal with them. AVI, MP4, MKV... are just containers for A/V data and can contain audio and video encoded with different CODEC's.
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  3. They play fine. The only thing is they don't show up as being in the folder they are in when displayed in WMP or the XBOX.

    They are in there, but they don't show up as being in there. Then I convert them in FF and the new one shows up and the old one still doesn't show up.

    And in WMP they show up as being in the "other" category, unfiled in a folder, not together with the rest of the files of the same title.
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