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  1. Hi All, I've installed Uleads VS SE, which came with EasyCap, and used it to download video from a Handycam. Worked fine until Windows XP Auto updated.

    Now when I go to Capture and press the capture video button, either I get a "sorry the programme has crashed" message, or the programme just shuts down.

    Any ideas where I can look to find out whats causing the problems.

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    Suggest you uninstall the program. Also remove any temporary files in Documents and Settings/Application Data (may need to reset your view options to access those) and any registry entries.

    Then reinstall the program.

    A 'quicker' fix may be to go back to a system restore point BEFORE these updates were installed.
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  3. I've tried system restore.
    Which appears to have worked.

    Also, there is a security update for Windows Media Encoder 9 waiting to install. I think I'll give that a miss!

    So, thanks DB83

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