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    I need some assistance with seleting the right webcam (or any other hardware) and make sure I'm using the right streaming software.

    I'm tech savvy enough to; build my own workstation properly, configure WIFI, etc, build and market websites, etc.However video streaming (w/ all the options out there) is not my thing. I've done some light reading, but every1 has a different view & it seems my issue is a matter of good advice.

    Where I am at....

    I recently opened a hobby shop & to take full advantage of the business, Im required to post some live webcasts.

    I'm looking for some advice on what USB3.0 Camera (or other hardware) to get and which software to use. Obviously there are some low price USB webcams out there, but I want to make sure I am getting the best for my money and not cheaping out for sub-par performance.

    I have;
    -A decent workstation (8 Core AMD, 16GB RAM, AMD 6770 GPU)
    -blazing fast internet speeds (50-100MB/s Down / 25-30MB/s upload)
    -I have two laptops with typical 1.3 HD Webcams on them, (but I'd rather get a separate webcam that can be maneuvered.)

    I need to;
    -Cast live webcasts on both; ustream & vaughntv
    -Upload the saved videos to youtube when each webcast is finished.
    -Make sure I am casting at a fast enough speed.
    -Make sure the video isn't too high quality for up to 20-30 people to watch live.

    I would like to (if affordable & if feasible);
    -Do them in a higher (close to HD resolution)
    Note: If HD casts will be too expensive or make it to hard for viewers to stay connected, I don't wish to do so.
    -Make sure I am posting at least of higher quality then some of the other low quality casts out there
    -If HD streaming is too expensive, I want to make sure it's still of high quality.
    -Make sure the camera auto focuses well.

    Budget: (Roughly $200 Max for Hardware & Software cost varies);
    -Budget is fairly important as I am running a business, but I don't want to cheap out.
    -I want to be sure I am utilizing USB3 speeds and getting it from my Camera to my PC as quickly as possible.
    -Making sure I am streaming the best quality feed for my money, that the viewers can connected to.

    Any advice you experienced webcasters can offer would be much appreciated. I Really just don't want to be disappointed with the quality and make sure I get the right hardware and software.

    I would be happy to check back and browse the forums and contribute where I can every so often (and as I get comfortable with streams); and also share my opinions on what products I use.

    Thank You in Advance!

    Thank You!!
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    Hi LouP9086,
    Make a trip to the store for a web cam? Let your consultant will provide an opportunity to test
    Many highly praised recording software - Mirillis Action!
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    Feb 2014
    Pennsylvania, USA
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    Well, I would like to buy it on Amazon....As I have refunded cash to spend there.

    Mirillis Action seems to be recording only software. I need to stream to ustream and vaughntv at the same time and also record.

    Any other suggestions would be helpful.
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