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  1. I'm using PotPlayer 1.5.44465 64 bit on Windows 7. Subtitles for movies are being displayed right in the middle of the video image, which is ridiculous. I've messed with every conceivable subtitle-related setting and nothing seems to change their location. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.
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  2. Subtitles -> Font Style -> Vertical Percent
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  3. That works for some movies, but for others, none of the settings in "Subtitles -> Font Style" seem to have any effect. Is it normal for subtitles to sometimes be hardwired in and unchangeable like that? (I'm talking about subtitles that are rendered by PotPlayer, not subtitles that are obviously part of the original movie itself.)
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    Maybe dvd/blu-ray image subtitles? They may be hard to move...but should usually be at the bottom.
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  5. Sorry, what do you mean by image subtitles? The subtitles I am talking about are definitely not embedded in the frames of the movie itself, they are being rendered by PotPlayer, presumably using information contained in the mkv file.
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  6. So do subtitles just have a mind of their own sometimes?
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  7. Anybody know anything about subtitles and PotPlayer?
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  8. It might help you you said what type of subtitle file is giving you problems. There are dozens of different subtitle types. Some text, some images, some with explicit positions, some without.
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