I'm using the latest version of MultiAVCHD and I'm an experienced user of the program. Recently sometimes the menu freezes when I try to press Right to go go through the titles. I can go through a few titles then the menu freezes when I try to select the next title. Or the Titles menu freezes (doesn't load). All of that can happen in TotalMedia Theatre or on an authored disc on my PS3.

I've been using MultiAVCHD for years and this NEVER happened before. I've no idea what's causing it and I'm pretty careful about not installing junk on my PC. As soon as I build my PC I spend a day installing all the programs I need then I create a backup image. I've reloaded that image and I'm still getting the same problem.

The only new program I'm using is the BitDefender AntiVirus free but surely that can't be causing the problem?

Can anyone help?