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  1. Is there any way to download podcasts from or . They are the same. I think is a platform that delivers streaming services to radio stations etc.

    I've tried Stream Transport, URLSnooper 2 and Video DownloadHelper addon (Pale Moon/Firefox). I had a bit of "luck" only with the last one. It downloaded me "Archiwum_audycji_TOK_FM-2.mpeg" file, size: 243 bytes. For MediaInfo it's empty. I can open it with Notepad. It looks like simple readable .txt file. But there's no stream address inside.

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  2. IDM looks like it can capture the radio show live, but I don't want to listen for 2 hours until it's finished to see if it worked...
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  3. But cancelling the downloads still result in playable mp3 files in the IDM temp directory
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  4. Thanks, but I don't want to record live radio show (I have the Tok FM radio stream and even AIMP can capture it without any problem). The problem is all the podcasts on that website like 'Program dla gospodarki' or 'Andymateria'. They are 10-15 minutes long.

    I'll try IDM anyway.
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  5. I can't even get anything to play other than the radio, do you have to log in or something ? Or do you need those apps from the google store

    What is the direct link ?
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  6. No. No need to log in or any apps. For example:

    - first podcast at the moment is 'Program dla gospodarki' 2014-02-06 16:40 . Underneath there is Play button (black triangle) and 'Jakub Borowski o chińskim wzroście gospodarczym' text. You click the button and it starts to play and the rest of the player unfolds - with the pause, stop, volume buttons and status bar. It's a Flash Player.
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  7. Ahhh I see LOL I totally missed it.

    Is it an audio only program ?

    Don't bother with IDM it needs login / authorization credentials when trying to download it for some reason

    I keep an old version of replay media capture for these type of streaming, but there should be something else that can download it. The new versions of RMC are slightly different, I don't know if they can capture it as-is . This program isn't "live" - the whole thing downloads faster than realtime
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  8. Nice. Thanks. They are audio only recordings of short programmes cut out/recorded by the radio station from their live broadcast and put on their website.

    So you used an older version of Replay Media Capture? Can you tell me what version? Maybe I'll find it online. I'd like to download more of those podcasts,

    Thanks a lot for your help.
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  9. Version 3 . The newer versions apparently re-encode some videos (basically screencap, not direct download), so they might for audio too, not sure

    Just wait awhile for other responses - someone will suggest other methods/software to download this
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    "Flash stream Hunter 1.0.14" will detect and download them, as well as jaksta/rmc, and others.
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  11. Thanks to both of you. I use Flash Stream Hunter at the moment. Despite being a demo version it lets me download a whole file. Disadvantages: after 5 downloads you have to shut the program by clicking the close button of the nagging window a few times and you can't rename files before downloading. It's bearable for now, but 'cos in the future more and more websites is gonna start burying their streams deep I'll think about buying Jaksta/RMC or something similar.
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