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  1. Hi. I am currently looking for equipment with four (or more) HDMI inputs and one video output to monitor all inputs simultaneously. That is on one screen divided in four parts, one for each HDMI input. I saw it once in Internet, unfortunately I don't remember where . Ideally the equipment should have a button to select either one of the HDMI inputs to display, either the four of them. Seems quite difficult to find, even if there is so many HDMI switch and splitter available, but this is not what I look for. Please provide an internet link. Hopefully my English is not to bad to be understood. Regards.
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  2. This looks nearly fine. But I need HDMI input instead of DVI input (also I can use DVI/HDMI adaptor ). I just ask NTI, they don't have a HDMI version.
    Thanks for your reply. Kelte.
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  3. Oups, I didn't read all your mail. Second Internet link seems fine THANKYOU Jagabo
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  4. The product from kvmswitchtech would do the job. But the price ( 2700 US$) is definitely a lot too high.
    Any other proposal ?
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