Hi there, I need some help with this issue:

I have this soundcard (4 inputs and 4 outputs) and I want to record 4 channels (2 stereo) using SoX. My OS is Windows 7, and it recognizes the soundcard as a 4 channel input.

So far, I can record 2 channels (1 stereo) using this command line:

c:\sox -t waveaudio 0 -c 2 -t vorbis -c 2 -C 9

As far as I know, waveaudio 0 refers to my default soundcard, so the command line is picking up the sound from the default source (waveaudio 0) and recording it into a stereo file.

Now I need to record 4 channels (2 stereo) with the same soundcard. After the process I need to get 2 different files (file A from inputs 1 and 2; and file B from inputs 3 and 4)

Any clue?

Thanks for your help!