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    Greetings .....

    My Toshiba Satellite Laptop C655D-S5210 is not-rebooting. The hard disk is OK and--by putting it into an enclosure and testing it in another computer--has been thoroughly checked for viruses and malware.

    Trying to do a restore is not possible, because something wiped out my system restore process, or else it was unknowingly not active. It looks like a complete re-install will have to be done. Fortunately, my Windows 7 Home Premium product label is still attached to the bottom of the unit, so I'll have that when needed. All important personal materials on the hard disc have been safely moved elsewhere.

    I've looked up some information regarding a re-installation disc (which I didn't have--or thought to to make), and found this web-site ...

    Toshiba Satellite C655D-s5210 American Restore Discs

    ... which requires a fee of $30.00 to download the images of the particular restore disc(s) I need.

    My question -- Is this site 100% legit? If not -OR- if there is an alternative site I should try, please advise.

    Thanx-A-Lot, Frank-0-Video
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    Toshiba authorized service centers deal with replacement os discs ... here in oz they charge $60 to supply physical media and you have to give them the os serial before they'll take and process the order.

    Toshiba is one that off loads products to secondary services so they can concentrate their support for current products (those under warranty) ... there are a number of such sites providing this additional service ... but only toshiba can tell you if they have any connection to that company offering backup media.

    Same goes for dell and acer to which I deal with often for customers.
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    If you don't want to spend the money you could just install Linux...with that laptop's low specs, you could try Peppermint OS or Linux Mint maybe...PClinuxOS is another good option
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