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  1. Does anybody know a/the region free hack for PHILIPS DVP5992 - Version I am region 2.
    Thanks in advance! GrischaPiati
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  2. Thank you!. But what's suggested there doesn't work. I suppose the reason is my (different) Firmeware
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    Yes, having a newer firmware does often break hacks that worked in the past. Your only hope is that someone will come out with a new hack that works on your firmware (don't count on it) or you can try to downgrade the firmware if you can find an older one. Do note that some players do not allow you to ever downgrade firmware. I don't know if Philips allows this or not. And also note that there is some element of risk involved and there is a theoretical chance you can brick your player by trying this. Finally, if you ever get the player to become region free, I very strongly recommend that you do NOT ever upgrade the firmware on it as doing so will likely break your region free mode, as you have found out by having a different firmware than in the hack guide.
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