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  1. Hi,

    I have a mkv video encoded with handbrake - h2664. It gets to about 2 minutes into the video and shuts off. Does this in XBMC and also VLC. So... I can often fix MKV files with Meteorite. But not this time. So I used MKVtoMP4 to convert the file. The mv4 file plays in VLC, gets to the bad spot, shows distortion, clears up and then the video is out of sync with the audio. Ugh.

    There doesn't appear to be anything to fix the m4v file. I hate to do it but if I re encode it with handbrake, would that work? Any other ideas?

    Converting to MP4 doesn't harm the video using MKVtoMP4. I think Handbrake would a bit. I suspect trying to convert it to AVI to use some of the existing tools would hurt it alot.

    Comments? Suggestions?
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    Have you tried remux the mkv witv mkvmergegui?. Add the mkv and make a new mkv. If it still freezes try cut out the part in mkvmergegui.
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  3. Baldrick,

    Many thanks. I could actually have replaced the video but I wanted to find out how to fix it. I tried your suggestion.

    Remuxing sort of worked. I could get it to play in VLC but it was distorted in the bad spot - badly. Didn't even try in XBMC.

    So then I cut into three pieces and joined part 1 and 3. That worked great.

    Hand piece of software.

    Thanks again.
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